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Chances are if you look around you're bound to see ROCKMAN. Through extensive marketing ROCKMAN is planning on conquering the music world with his first CD release titled DIVERSE-CITY, not only does the name come from the fact that the CD have a diverse selection of tracks ranging from rock to R&B ,rap to country rock .but also the city which ROCKMAN grew up in NEW YORK CITY the cultural mecca of the world...
Keywords: ROCKMAN
Downloads: 69
[image]Germán Zurvelay - Germán Leyva
Keywords: rockman
[movies]tas frenom rockman - frenom
Keywords: frenom; rockman
Downloads: 189
[movies]Morimoto's NES Rockman in 21:52.10
Details at http://tasvideos.org/5M.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman
Downloads: 272
[movies]Shinryuu & FinalFighter's NES Rockman in 12:23.34
Keywords: TAS Rockman
Downloads: 4,701
[movies](MAD)[Rockman] Rock Mega (Rockman Music) - TohmaMasaki
Title (MAD)[Rockman] Rock Mega (Rockman Music) User TohmaMasaki Date uploaded 2007-04-30 02:12 Description (MAD)[てつくずおきば4 (せら)][ロックマン] ろく★めが もってけ!エネルギー缶 (ロックマン曲ver)Creator : せら Tags lucky star, mad, rockman Original URL http://www.stage6.com/user/TohmaMasaki/video/1208019/%28MAD%29%5BRockman%5D-Rock-Mega-%28Rockman-Music%29
Keywords: lucky star; mad; rockman
Downloads: 11
[movies](MAD)[Rockman] Rock Mega - TohmaMasaki
Title (MAD)[Rockman] Rock Mega User TohmaMasaki Date uploaded 2007-04-30 02:38 Description (MAD)[てつくずおきば4 (せら)][ロックマン] ろく★めが もってけ!エネルギー缶Creator : せら Tags lucky star, mad, rockman Original URL http://www.stage6.com/user/TohmaMasaki/video/1208047/%28MAD%29%5BRockman%5D-Rock-Mega
Keywords: lucky star; mad; rockman
Downloads: 5
[movies](MAD)[Rockman] Hare Hare Rockman - TohmaMasaki
Title (MAD)[Rockman] Hare Hare Rockman User TohmaMasaki Date uploaded 2007-04-30 01:45 Description (MAD)[てつくずおきば4 (せら)][ロックマン] ハレハレロックマン (ティウンティウン+ Tags haruhi, mad, rockman, niconico Original URL http://www.stage6.com/user/TohmaMasaki/video/1207987/%28MAD%29%5BRockman%5D-Hare-Hare-Rockman
Keywords: haruhi; mad; rockman; niconico
Downloads: 6
[movies]Bag of Magic Food's GB Rockman World 3 in 23:02.10
Details at http://tasvideos.org/722M.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman World 3
Downloads: 557
[movies]woabclf tas rockman2min - woabclf
woabclf's tas of ROCKMAN2MIN
Keywords: rockman 2 min
Downloads: 101
[movies]woabclf's NES Rockman L in 26:25.12
Details at http://tasvideos.org/2601S.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman L
Downloads: 427
[movies]rockman intro mame
rockman intro mame
Keywords: rockman; intro; mame
Downloads: 74
[movies]Rockman Zero 4 [TAS] - Hard Mode - No Damage
This is a time attack of the Japan-released Rockman Zero 4 for the Game Boy Advance. This video shows the game being played on the Hard Mode difficulty with perfect mission clear scores and grades. No damage has been taken in this run either. To get perfect score, you have to kill a set amount of enemies while still trying to beat the mission as quick as possible. The less damage you receive, the greater mission score will you get...
Keywords: Rockman; Zero; Speed
Downloads: 9,939 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]parrot14green's SNES Rockman & Forte "100 CDs" in 39:48.65
Details at http://tasvideos.org/2979S.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman & Forte
Downloads: 1,033
[texts]Rockman X7
Megaman X7 features two playable characters, full 3D graphics and a mixture of 2D and 3D gameplay. There is a new auto-lock system which allows you. Megaman X7 PC Game Megaman X7 is a action adventure game for the PC. game we can call also to Rockmen. Mega Man X7 started in the 22nd century. Megaman X7 Rockman X7 in Japan came to the American PS2 in october of 2003, and brought with it some of the biggest changes the X series of Megaman games has...
Keywords: Rockman X7
Downloads: 16
[movies]computerbird's GBA Rockman Zero 2 in 50:54.88
Details at http://tasvideos.org/2760S.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman Zero 2
Downloads: 927
[movies]Morimoto's NES Rockman 2 in 28:24.65
Details at http://tasvideos.org/6M.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman 2
Downloads: 284
[movies]No title

Keywords: Rockman; Zero; Speed
Downloads: 126
[movies]Super Adventure Rockman - Oyster
Welcome to Super Adventure Rockman, an obscure Japanese-only Saturn and PSX Megaman FMV game. Some of you may be asking why the fuck am I LPing two Megaman games in a row, and the answer is simple. This isn't a Megaman game. The game features all the Robot Masters from MMs 1-3, with the Robot Masters from 1 being reprogrammed yet again, and this time help Mega out. The others are fought throughout the game...
Keywords: let's play; super adventure rockman; oyster
Downloads: 1,943
[movies]aglasscage, FinalFighter, pirohiko, & Shinryuu's NES Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo in 23:48.51
Details at http://tasvideos.org/2881S.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman 2 Dr. Wily no Nazo
Downloads: 58
[movies]sparky's SNES Rockman 7: Shukumei no Taiketsu! "100%" in 41:44.5
Details at http://tasvideos.org/2671S.html
Keywords: TAS Rockman 7 Shukumei no Taiketsu
Downloads: 3,096
[movies]Wii Mega Man 10 "Mega Man" by diggidoyo in 33:42.37
The homepage of this tool-assisted speedrun is http://TASvideos.org/ Encoded by sgrunt For details, visit http://TASvideos.org/3157S.html
Keywords: tas; tasvideos; wii; mega man; megaman; mega man 10; megaman 10; rockman; rockman 10
Downloads: 3,517
THIS IS SORT OF A STORY BOARD I WAS PUTTING TOGETHER FOR A STOCK FOOTAGE VIDEO I NEVER FINISHED .THIS VIDEO came about with the tragedy of september 11 2001,it was in planning stages many pain staking hour looking thru many photos over 300 still of some of the most defining moments of our past ..leading up to this tragic day...song is not sung by ROCKMAN, BUT CHARLES HENRIKSEN MY BROTHER I NEVER MADE IT TO THE STUDIO TO SING IT.NEVER FINISHED THAT VERSION...ITS COMING SOON,AS WELL AS NEWER VIDEO...
Downloads: 7
[audio]Diogenes Digital 6 Megaman 2 - diogenes digital
El niño robot azul de capcom vuelve en su 25 aniversario... y como eso queda muy serio pues nada, que os destrozamos el megaman 2 de NES
Keywords: megaman; rockman; Dr Willy; Capcom; NES; nintendo; 25 aniversario; Capcom
Downloads: 2
[movies]NES Mega Man 4 in 34:00.02 by GlitchMan
The homepage of this tool-assisted speedrun is http://TASvideos.org/ Encoded by sgrunt For details, visit http://tasvideos.org/2521S.html
Keywords: tas; tasvideos; nes; nintendo entertainment system; mega man; megaman; rockman
Downloads: 50
[movies]Mega Man III TAS in 23:02.1 by Bag of Magic Food - Bag of Magic Food
Author's comments: http://tasvideos.org/1362S.html
Keywords: Mega Man III; Rockman World 3; TAS; Tool-Assisted Speedrun
Downloads: 544
[movies]rockmannoconstancy-tas-hard-woabclf - Velitha
Keywords: Mega Man 2; Rockman no Constancy; TAS; woabclf
Downloads: 3,110
[movies]Rockman (NES) - 23:12 (Jp version, emulated speedrun) - Michiel Sikma - Michiel Sikma
This is the final version of my speedrun of Rockman, which I initially started making for a competition on Bisqwit's site (http://bisqwit.iki.fi/nesvideos/). It went through a lot of revisions, both in tactics and in route, but this is as good as I could make it as of April 20th 2005. Maybe a run that's under 23 minutes will be accomplished someday (it's possible!), but it probably won't be me who will make it...
Keywords: Rockman; NES; Emulated speedrun; tool-assisted speedrun; Mega Man
Downloads: 7,550 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]PSX Megaman X5 "X only" in 19:43.80 by Mothrayas - Mothrayas
Sigma returns again and Earth is in great danger. Zero is off having a party all night, so Mega Man X steps in to do the job. Even if not as awesome as Zero, he still manages to do the job in less than 20 minutes while also getting the Ultimate Armor. This is a Tool Assisted Speedrun, played on an emulator. For more information see http://tasvideos.org/
Keywords: PSX; TAS; TASVideos; NESVideos; Megaman; Rockman; X5; Mothrayas
Downloads: 726
[movies]NES Mega Man 2 by aglasscage, FinalFighter, pirohiko, & Shinryuu in 23:48.51
The homepage of this tool-assisted speedrun is http://TASvideos.org/ Encoded by sgrunt For details, visit http://tasvideos.org/1649M.html
Keywords: tas; tasvideos; nes; nintendo entertainment system; mega man; megaman; rockman
Downloads: 5,529
[movies]SNES Rockman & Forte "100 CDs" in 39:48.65 by parrot14green
Submission: http://tasvideos.org/2979S.html
Keywords: tas; tool-assisted; tool; assisted; speedrun; speed; run; super nintendo; super; nintendo; rockman; mega; man; megaman; forte; bass; rockman & forte
Downloads: 128
[movies]FAQ YOU - Megaman 9
Benzaie's back to FAQ every single one of you !
Keywords: faq; you; benzaie; twtg; blistered; thumbs; nostalgia; critic; megaman; 9; nine; neuf; rockman
Downloads: 1
[movies]5sec Games - Megaman III
Keywords: 5; seconds; 5; sec; games; benzaie; megaman; iii; three; roll; rockman; mega; man
Downloads: 1
[movies]Retrocade Fantasia Returns Vol 2 - The Rev
To coincide with the PS4 Launch Retrocade returns again with more games this episode we cover:Sonic CDRockman 8 Saturn EditionRidge Racer 7Asuka 120%Phantom Breaker Extra
Keywords: Sonic CD; Rockman 8 Saturn Edition; Ridge Racer 7; Asuka 120%; Phantom Breaker Extra
Downloads: 7
[audio]THE REWIND SHOW VOL.4 con DJ ROCKMAN (Colombia) - THEEGO.
La 4ta edición de The Rewind Show con nuestro primer invitado DJ ROCKMAN, desde colombia. WWW.DRUMANDBASS.CL
Downloads: 739
[movies]21XX - L. Adam Bell
Cast: X (voice): Aaron Sutliff. Zero/Narrator (voice): L. Adam Bell. Vile (voice): Adam Duggar. All "Mega Man"-related media and elements are © Capcom Co., LTD. Music: "Moonlight" and "The Answer" by Showtaro Morikubo (incorrectly credited to RoST in the credits), "The Journey" by Mark Edward Lewis, "Ari" by Digital Droo, "Dauragon C. Mikado" and "Disquietude" by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi, "Otherworld" and "Wandering" by Nobuo Uematsu...
Keywords: mega; man; rockman; zero; vile; vava; stop-motion; animation; silly; stupid
Downloads: 297
[audio]SPS06E16 - Megaman - Saga
Esta semana el Dr se deduca a explicarbnos la saga original de megaman, uno de los heroes mas clásicos de los videojuegos y claro principal fuente de ingresos de capcom desde sus origenesEsta semana el Dr se deduca a explicarbnos la saga original de megaman, uno de los heroes mas clásicos de los videojuegos y claro principal fuente de ingresos de capcom desde sus origenes.
Keywords: mega man; capcom; crapcom; dr willy; dr light; rockman; roll; protoman; bass; nes; videojuegos
Downloads: 292
[movies]woabclf's NES Rockman No Constancy (normal) in 27:30.42 - woabclf
Submission: http://tasvideos.org/2646S.html This is a Tool Assisted Speedrun
Keywords: Rockman; No; Constancy; Normal; NES; Nintendo; Entertainment; System; TAS; Tool; Assisted; Speedrun
Downloads: 1,472
[movies]SNES Rockman & Forte "Rockman any%" in 27:21.47 by sparky
Submission: http://tasvideos.org/2994S.html
Keywords: tas; tool-assisted; speedrun; speed; run; super; nintendo; super nintendo; rockman; megaman; mega; man; forte; bass
Downloads: 262
[movies]aglasscage, woabclf's NES Rockman Exhaust "Rockman Hack" in 24:26.18 - aglasscage and woabclf
Submission: http://tasvideos.org/2717S.html
Keywords: Rockman; Exhaust; TAS; Tool; Assisted; Speedrun; Megaman; NES; Famicom; Nintendo; Entertainment; System
Downloads: 255
[movies]NES Rockman by Shinryuu & FinalFighter in 12:23.34
http://tasvideos.org/2921S.html This is a tool-assisted speedrun.
Keywords: tas tasvideos tool-assisted speedrun rockman megaman mega man videogames video games nes nintendo entertainment system
Downloads: 394
[movies]NES Mega Man 4 TAS in 35:11.48 by AngerFist and DeHackEd
For more details, see http://tasvideos.org/442M.html This is the fourth published movie of Mega Man 4, this time played by AngerFist and DeHackEd. It improves the previous version by Kopernical about 1 minute due to a new route, some new bugs (mostly with the balloon item) and overall frame precision. This is AngerFist's first published movie. Scrolling levels were mostly played by him and bosses were mostly played by DeHackEd...
Keywords: NES; Mega Man 4; Rockman 4; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; AngerFist; DeHackEd
Downloads: 184
[movies]Mega Man & Bass "Forte" in 29:08.07 by FractalFusion - FractalFusion
Author's comments: http://tasvideos.org/1998S.html
Keywords: Mega Man & Bass; Rockman & Forte; Forte; Bass; TAS; Tool-assisted speedrun
Downloads: 105
................................................................................ ................................................................................ ..................M.........................................O................... ................M...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...........................N................. ..............M.....MM ........... ........................... I.................
Keywords: 49m036 rockman 8KB 49mannequins 49manekinow pixel party bogota
Downloads: 59
[audio]TUMP 11/12/08: A Little Bit of Everything - Adam Bell, Adam Duggar
I) Rock On, Rockman! II) Bad Gaming Theater, Double Feature III) "Heroes" Needs Rescuing IV) We've Got Rhythm, We've Got Music Games In this episode, Duggar and I reflect on Mega Man 9's bold leaps backward, introduce you to two gaming-humor series, discuss "Heroes"'s unfortunate downward drift, and finally, the battle of the fake bands. Why won't Keiji Inafune call me?
Keywords: video games; videogames; rockman; mega man 9; broken pixels; zero punctuation; heroes; television; tv; nbc; rock band; guitar hero
Downloads: 109
[movies]Merry Melodies - Be Somewhere
This video is intended only for review purposes in conjunction with the following article http://918thefan.com/2012/merry-melodies-rockman-exe-stream-opening-be-somewhere/
Keywords: video gaming; 918thefan; 91.8; merry; melodies; be; somewhere; buzy; megaman; nt; warrior; rockman.exe; stream
Downloads: 10
[movies]Megaman Zero 3 tool-assisted speedrun - Frédéric G. (aka. Xaphan)
The third game in the Megaman Zero subseries takes place two months after its predecessor. It features mostly the same gameplay as its predecessors, but with a different Cyber Elf system and customizable armor. New are also the Secret Disks, which can be analyzed for information about the series, enemies, items, and the characters. This run ignores the all unnecessary ones.
Keywords: tool-assisted; assisted; emulated; speedrun; bisqwit; megaman; mega man; rockman; rock man; megaman zero; zero; superplay; timeattack; time attack
Downloads: 2,066
[movies]DS Mega Man ZX Advent in 1:19:26.35 by Mothrayas - Mothrayas
Tool-assisted speedrun Link to submission: http://tasvideos.org/2922S.html
Keywords: tas; tool; assisted; tool-assisted; speed; run; speedrun; nintendo; lite; dsi; megaman; mega; man; rockman; rock; advent
Downloads: 1,978
[movies]SNES Rockman & Forte "Rockman" in 28:03.12 by sparky - sparky
Tool-assisted speedrun Link to submission: http://tasvideos.org/2927S.html
Keywords: tas; tool; assisted; tool-assisted; speed; run; speedrun; snes; super; nintendo; entertainment; system; famicom; capcom; megaman; mega; man; bass; rockman; rock; man; forte
Downloads: 801
[audio]pmb192_moving_shadows_2014_08_31_03 - Project Moonbase
Some new releases and reissues for you this week dear listener. We have a track from a compilation celebrating ten years of chip-dub label Jahtari, a track from the fourth volume of skwee from Swedish label Flogsta Danshall, an 80s track re-eightified by one of our talented listeners as well as tracks from two great new reissues on Australian label Dual Planet to name but a few.From around 9:30pm you'll be able to listen to or download the show from:http://www.projectmoonbase.com/shadowsThat's a...
Keywords: project moonbase; retro; futuristic; retro-futuristic; podcast; disrupt; boss kite; poly; azhar hussain; occam's laser; eric siday; don harper; walt rockman; goto80
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